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An Indian solution was found to Laitila's labor shortage

The fruitful cooperation between two Finnish staffing companies brought relief to the metal company's labor shortage.

The first four Indian workers, two CNC machinists and two laser operators, have joined Laitila Coating Oy this spring.

to the line-up of machine shop experts.

WFO Group Oy is a Finnish company operating in the personnel sector, which produces specialists for the needs of industry from Europe and

from Asia. In addition to the head office in Turku, WFO has offices in Riga, Latvia and New Delhi, India.

Selekta, on the other hand, is a national company that supplies labor to several industrial sectors, mainly to the Finnish market.

WFO Group Oy and Selekta started working together when Laitila Coating Oy was in need for new CNC machinists and laser operators

for their production. This spring, four Indian employees have arrived at the Laitila Coating. 

In India, I'm used to the rush, but here the work rhythm is better organised and the people here are helpful, says Ramesh Mendule.

Ramesh is one of the new employees of the Laitila Coating. He came to Laitila from India two months ago.

Laitila Coating manufactures e.g. components related to energy transfer.

According to factory director Petri Kallio, there are customers from all over the world.

There are not enough motivated experts in Finland

Laitila Coating has good experience in recruiting foreigners. The first employment relationship with a foreign employee was concluded

15 years ago and he is still working in the company. Today, 99 percent of all new employees in the company are non-Finns.

According to factory manager Petri Kallio, competition for skilled labor has intensified. Southwest Finland has a lot of metal industry and many

companies wants more skilled employees. Even in Europe, the competition for talent is even tougher, so it was appropriate to look for employees further afield.

        Sales partner Juha Oksanen from Selekta and office manager Lejla Pidic from WFO.

A customized chain guarantees a good result

WFO Group has been in India for a good year and the results are coming.According to WFO office manager Lejla Pidic, the dialogue isextremely important.When looking for candidates, we always think about the individuality of the customer

need and the customer is involved during the entire recruitment process, to know how to choose the best of the best, says Pidic

In India, the training of CNC machinists includes on-the-job training during study holidays, so they accumulate a lot of know-how and experience. The machinists who made it to the WFO lists usually already have 15 years of work experience behind them. The recruitment process usually takes a couple of months.

- The process is multi-stage. Competent people are interviewed several times, skills are checked and we makse sure in every way possible that the person is what was promised, Pidic ensures.

- This is a suitable recruitment channel for us, because then the work is done for us. There must be complete certainty that when someone wants to come

to work here, he also has a chance to succeed, reflects factory manager Petri Kallio.


lejla ja neeraj (1).jpg

Orientation of Indians to work and Finnish conditions is a long process.

We are there to help even in small matters and everyday life, says WFO office manager Lejla Pidic.

Next to Lejla, Neeraj, new addition to Laitila Coating.

Common language can be found

Juha Oksanen from Selekta considers it important that newcomers are welcomed with the mindset that they are wanted as long-term employees. Reception, familiarization and enjoyment are therefore important issues.

Only a third of Laitila Coating's current employees speak Finnish as their mother tongue. Foreign workers

integration into a multinational working community is successful when there is a welcoming atmosphere and good will.

- Written instructions are made in at least three languages ​​and there is always someone from the staff who can guide,

explains factory manager Petri Kallio.

Will the family follow?

The recruitment from outside of Finland is  a big and expensive process. WFO Group's working methods include making it easy for the incoming employee to enter: we get plane tickets, an apartment, the necessary permits and otherwise help in all the twists and turns. Lejla Pidic says that she herself took care of carrying stuff and hanging curtains in empployees' new apartments. When the newcomer has reached the beginning of the job, the discussion about the possibility of the employee's family begins

change to Laitila. WFO also arranges matters related to the arrival of the family.

According to Petri Kallio, there are jobs at Laitila Coating even for those who have no experience or training in the metal industry. There are couples working together in different positions to an increasing extent.

Ramesh Mendule, an Indian and a recent resident of Laitila, is married and his wife plans to come to Finland as well

and possibly even work for Laitila Coating.

Laitila Coating has been operating in Laitila for about 20 years. There are now 78 employees

In good growth

Laitila Coating has been operating in Laitila for over 20 years. In the early years, the company focused on surface treatment.

Nowadays the company provides contract manufacturing for mechanics from total system delivery to sub-assemblies, individual components and surface treatments to different parts of the world. There are now 78 employees and the search is constantly on. The purpose of the strongly growing WFO Group Oy is to produce e.g. industrial personnel services also for the Nordic need for skilled workers. WFO is opening the Finnish market together with Selekta, and operations in Sweden are operated independently from the Stockholm office.

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